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About Drum Africa

An Introduction to Drum Africa and South Africa.

Drum Africa was founded in 1998 by Brent Coetzee, a South African and Lucy from the United Kingdom. Their unique combination of talent, experience and knowledge of South Africa is what Drum Africa was started from.

Lucy has been in the travel business for many years after graduating from Nottingham University. She has traveled extensively but her love and passion for South Africa had resulted in her settling down in Cape Town at the time….. undoubtedly one of the most stunning locations in the world.

Brent is a registered Tour Guide and local, he has lived in Cape Town as well as the West Coast of South Africa. He  grew up on the Garden Route and has traveled South Africa extensively.

Brent has grown up surfing, sailing and diving the coast of South Africa.

Their aim is to share a combined knowledge, and being based in Cape Town and the Garden Route they are available to assist you throughout your stay. They have put together a few suggested guided tours and self-drive itineraries in addition to the other information available on this website with a view to helping you make the most of your time, and have included an idea of the cost involved. These itineraries can be adapted to suit your personal needs – you may want to stay in just one place for the duration of your visit and combine this with a few fabulous day tours – anything can be arranged.

Drum Africa will ensure a wonderful, hassle free holiday to South Africa.

South Africa offers excellent value for money and the holiday of a lifetime. Join Drum Africa and discover the wonders of the country ……… the scenic kaleidoscope that make it “The Rainbow Nation”.  A country with a near perfect climate and made up of nine provinces each offering their own unique experience.

They say that one day your life will flash before your eyes.

So you had better make sure it’s worth watching. One visit to South Africa will not be enough!

Table Mountain